Discount Offer

Limited-Time Discount Offer

In the past, Trader Edge made a one-time offer to allow attendees of Brian Johnson's online webinar to the Capital Discussions group and/or his presentation to the Raleigh Durham Traders meetup group to purchase the OISUF E-Subscription at a 10% discount.

That limited-time offer expired on Sunday May 14, 2017 and was only available to non-professionals (excludes: banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, registered investment advisers, CTAs, mutual funds, endowments, pension plans, etc.).

In addition, this discount offer was only available to new subscribers and was not available to current or past Trader Edge subscribers.

There are no plans to offer discounts on the OISUF E-Subscription in the future.

Option Income Strategy Universal Filter (OISUF) E-Subscription

I introduced the Option Income Strategy Universal Filter (OISUF) in my recent article Option Income Strategy Trade Filters: An In-Depth Article Demonstrating the Use of Trade Filters to Enhance Returns and Reduce Risk. The article and the proprietary OISUF algorithm represent the culmination of years of research into developing a systematic framework for optimizing the timing of Option Income Strategy (OIS) trades. I encourage you to read the article and the OIS Universal Filter description for a more detailed explanation of trade filters that can be applied to option income strategy trades.

Trading Insights LLC may limit the number of OISUF subscribers and may discontinue subscription renewals at its own discretion. The OISUF subscription is governed by a disclaimer and terms and conditions, which must be accepted prior to using the OISUF algorithm.

If you have any questions about the OISUF e-subscription, or you encounter any problems during the payment or registration process, please contact me via email:  BJohnson@TraderEdge.Net.

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