Risk/Return Ratio Excel SpreadSheets

Below are links to four password-protected encrypted zip files.  The first two zip files include the .XLS  (Office 2003-2007) versions of the risk/return Excel spreadsheet and the second pair of zip files include the .XLSM (Office 2010 or later) versions of the risk/return Excel spreadsheet.

The spreadsheets are provided exclusively for users who have purchased the book Option Strategy Risk/Return Ratios by Brian Johnson.  The spreadsheet files may not be shared with or transferred to other users.

The links below will take you to the download pages for the respective Zip files or self-extracting Zip executable files.  On the download page, click on the attachment ID link to download desired file. Passwords are required to unlock/unzip the encrypted zip files and to open the Excel spreadsheets.

The spreadsheets are provided solely for informational and general educational purposes.  By downloading the spreadsheets, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of the terms and conditions outlined on the Disclaimer and Terms page of the Trader Edge site. 

If you do not have a current version of WinZip installed on your computer, please download one of the self-extracting executable Zip files.

XLS Zip Files (Office 2003-2007)

XLS Self-Extracting Zip Executable File (Office 2003-2007)

XLS Zip File (Office 2003-2007)

XLSM Zip Files (Office 2010 or later)

XLSM Self-Extracting Zip Executable File (Office 2010 or later)

XLSM Zip File (Office 2010 or later)

If you experience any problems opening or running the XLSM file, download the XLS file instead. You will need to enable macros to access the risk/return functions in the spreadsheets.

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