64-Bit AI Volatility Edge Platform Now Available!

A NEW version of the AI Volatility Edge (AIVE) platform is now available and is compatible with 64-bit versions of Excel!

The original AIVE platform is available for use with 32-bit versions of Excel (even if installed on a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows).

For additional information on the AI Volatility Edge platform, please see the initial AIVE announcement post or the more detailed AI Volatility Edge product page. Both of these pages include links to two AIVE demonstration videos.

Brian Johnson

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About Brian Johnson

I have been an investment professional for over 30 years. I worked as a fixed income portfolio manager, personally managing over $13 billion in assets for institutional clients. I was also the President of a financial consulting and software development firm, developing artificial intelligence based forecasting and risk management systems for institutional investment managers. I am now a full-time proprietary trader in options, futures, stocks, and ETFs using both algorithmic and discretionary trading strategies. In addition to my professional investment experience, I designed and taught courses in financial derivatives for both MBA and undergraduate business programs on a part-time basis for a number of years. I have also written four books on options and derivative strategies.
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