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S&P 500 Overvalued Based on Price to Sales Ratio

In a recent article “Earnings-Price Divergence Always Followed by Negative Returns,” I noted that every extreme divergence (-20% or lower) between year-over-year corporate profits and equity prices in the past 50 plus years was followed by negative year-over-year equity returns.  … Continue reading

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Harness the Power of the Seasons

As traders, there are very few things we know with certainty.  But there are several factors that we can forecast accurately – even years in advance: when domestic and international holidays will occur when economic data will be released when … Continue reading

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Stop Loss Orders are Not Enough

Using stop loss orders on every trade is a critical component of risk management, but stops are only part of the solution. Even when using stops, most traders still take far too much risk.  In many cases, they completely overlook … Continue reading

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