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September: Worst Month of the Year for Stocks

Stock prices have had an impressive run, especially considering the risks facing the global economy and the growing uncertainties fueled by the looming fiscal cliff and the upcoming election.  During the recent market advance, investors have become increasingly complacent, evidenced … Continue reading

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Take the First Step Toward an Investment Process

Most investors do not use an investment process.  Instead, they ask their friends for stock tips, watch CNBC, read a few newsletters (or blogs), and hope for the best.  There is no consistent rationale behind their decision-making process, very little … Continue reading

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Are the Seasonal Trends Working this Year?

Knowing the historical seasonal tendencies of our trading instruments can dramatically improve our returns, but how much weight should we assign to seasonal trends?  What should we do if our other indicators are bearish and the historical seasonal trend is … Continue reading

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Harness the Power of the Seasons

As traders, there are very few things we know with certainty.  But there are several factors that we can forecast accurately – even years in advance: when domestic and international holidays will occur when economic data will be released when … Continue reading

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