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Modified Chartmill Value Indicator (MCVI)

I read about this indicator in an article titled “The Chartmill Value Indicator,” which appeared in the January 2013 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities.  The article was written by Dirk Vandycke.  In the article, Vandycke introduced an … Continue reading

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Take the First Step Toward an Investment Process

Most investors do not use an investment process.  Instead, they ask their friends for stock tips, watch CNBC, read a few newsletters (or blogs), and hope for the best.  There is no consistent rationale behind their decision-making process, very little … Continue reading

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Are the Seasonal Trends Working this Year?

Knowing the historical seasonal tendencies of our trading instruments can dramatically improve our returns, but how much weight should we assign to seasonal trends?  What should we do if our other indicators are bearish and the historical seasonal trend is … Continue reading

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Use Sector Confirmation to Improve Your Trading Results

Analyzing the technical and/or fundamental characteristics of an individual security is obviously a requirement before investing.  However, very few traders go the extra mile and evaluate the characteristics of the market sector as well.  Using sector confirmation can help you … Continue reading

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A More Efficient Relative Strength Indicator

Relative strength investing has a proven track record of success.  Most traders have heard the term, but know very little about developing or trading strategies based on relative strength.  The concept is simple: buy the strongest securities and sell the … Continue reading

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